Severn Harmony

Ladies Barbershop Chorus

Videos for Learning A great Music Theory learning resource.

Make Your Own Kind of Music – Signing┬áVideo


With the following video we can learn how real judges will judge the performance of a chorus, with short lists of what they look for, and some examples of them actually judging three well known choruses. (Men because this is BABS)

The actual discussions start at around 12 mins in. The Judges are Boo de Bruin (Music), Helen Warner (Performance) and Mike Taylor (Singing).

The three choruses are Harmony Lincs at 19.30 mins, then Fine City Chorus at 27.30 mins and Cotton Town Chorus at 35.30 mins.

The next Video is about Quartets, two mens and one mixed. The actual discussion starts at 11 mins in. With the scoring explained for each category. Music (17 min), Performance (20 min), Singing (21.40 min).

The Quartets are Double Take at 25.59 min, Excel at 35.24 min and a mixed quartet Potential Scandal at 43 min. (I found the comments on the last quartet really useful – Carolyn)

Music Theory

The Music Theory video with Alan Hughes, uses an online interactive resource to help with learning music, at which you can play around with as directed by the teacher.

This video starts right at the beginning

This video starts at 11.23 mins.

Now some ‘Education’ videos from one of the Lockdown choirs. Simon Lubkowski is talking about a specific song just being used by The Collective, but his idea are very useful for all learning. (The song he is talking about is ‘You Will Be Found’ from Dear Evan Hansen)

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